About Us

We are SEBI Registered Investment Adviser (RIA) with a mandate & mission to offer Fee based personalized financial planning services to Individual.

In present scenario, Individuals lead a complicated financial status as in nature of financial planning & advice, the present flock of financial planners are more interested in product selling with highest amount of commission in built in product thus giving the biased nature of financial planning. With their personal incentive on commission earned from product selling,  it takes away their focus on long term planning to help individuals achieve their financial goals at various life stages and retirement planning.

However being RIA, we charge fee to the Individuals who avail our services, we remove the conflict of interest as the Individuals can purchase the required products from Independent sources at best affordable prices as advised by us. We undertake comprehensive review of our customer personal financial profile and future financial goals to help them to take best possible, financial and investing decisions with their unique individual needs. The risk & financial profiling of each client is carried out in a detailed scientific manner so that solutions which are best suited for their profile are offered to them.

Our approach gives our customers sound advice to proceed on their financial planning on firm footing and based on their risk profile, suitable financial products are matched to specific financial goals so that they lead a worry free life and focus on their professional & personal life with complete freedom of future financial worries. The financial plan is structured in such manner that their investment are optimized to minimize their tax outgo and add to their asset base for a firm financial path and full clarity on their future goals.


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