Post Covid behaviour of FII’s

The below data of FII’s reveal a very startling fact that after the last Union Budget in Feb’21 when nifty touched 15,000, they were never a net buyer of Indian Equity and were either juggling their portfolio or net seller which increase in ferocity once Nifty touched 18,600 in Oct’21

FII data aprmay22

The data also reveals that FII’s have booked decent profits on their portfolio on all the sale made by them since Oct’21 as the sale has been booked with Nifty staying above 17000 on an average. Further this also reiterates the fact that they may again turn net buyer only if Nifty goes to 14,000. With Nifty almost touching 15,000, a further 5-10% downside may again start the FII’s buying and may lead to Nifty Year end target of 18000.

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