Information on NISM Investment Adviser Exams

NISM Investment Adviser level 1 exam – Investment adviser level 1 examination is similar to other NISM examinations and it is not tough to study.

Requirement is knowledge & concepts of investments, investment products and financial planning such as Mutual Funds, Insurance, securities markets, measuring risks and returns, basics of insurance planning, retirement planning and estate planning. Read the workbook thoroughly as questions are asked mostly from the workbook only and practice the numerical. Also one should read extensively outside or give other NISM exams like securities markets foundation, Mutual Fund distribution V – A. This will help you to study all the concepts quickly and clear the exam.

The following table gives the weightage for different topics in NISM Investment Adviser level 1 examination.

NISM Level Exams Question Weightages

NISM Investment Adviser Level 2 examination – This exam is a bit tough when compared with other NISM examinations. This examination has case-based questions which are practical questions (Real life case study questions).  The examination consists of 36 multiple choice questions and 8 eight case based questions with four multiple choice questions per case study, each carrying two marks.

Reading the workbook thoroughly and understand all the concepts.  One should be thorough in each and every concept given in the workbook. One can also give mock tests before appearing for the examination from websites like prepcafe and pass4sure.

One should be familiar with few excel functions such as PV, FV, XIRR, PMT given in the workbook because for few case based questions, you have to use these excel functions to get the final answer.

The following table gives the weightage for different topics in NISM Investment Adviser level 2 examination.                                                          NISM Investment Adviser Level II Exams

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